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We are a small French workshop. We create customised paintings from scratch or inspired from our collection. Our essence lies in our diversity, our curiosity, our favorites and our creativity. Our approach is simple, unique and flexible.

Our 4 universes


« Bring Art into your home »



« Make your life an Art-piece »



« Dress your belongings »



« Create some link in Business »

are we talking
to ?
Individual flow

To you who want a beautiful interior,
To you who decided to please,
To you who have a crush,
To you who want to mark an event

We are committed to finding the pencil stroke that will translate your ideas, memories and desires into a work that reflects you.

Collective flow

To you who want to touch your customers with emotion,
To those who want to take your customers beyond the expected,
To you who want to differentiate yourself,
To you who decided to celebrate,
To you who want to initiate dialogue within your team and to spark ideas,

Our concept aims to be tailor-made. It gives life to your projects while respecting your requirements, your schedules and your budgets.


Our tailor-made concept allows you to create the desired work at a defined budget

Create an effect
your budget
Ilona B. Singapore

“It was a pleasure dealing with LouiseM, very professional, efficient… Wow she does the work very quickly!”

Marjorie J., Archiac

“We met LouiseM at Sadecc where we went with my husband. The contact was very good and we were seduced by the idea of ​​representing pieces of life on a backsplash. This is how the idea came to tell our memories of travel with our 4 children. The result exceeded what we could imagine. The choice of glass and the black & white treatment of the representation gives this backsplash an original and sober finish at the same time. In short, we are happy 🙂 “

Solène F., Saint-Cloud

“The visual corresponds exactly to what I asked for, it is naturally added to the walls of the house decorated with leaves,  it is the final touch in the decoration of our kitchen where we spend most of our time with the family. I appreciated the way of working of the artist who was really attentive to us and who was able to be patient despite our last minute changes of opinion!”

Dalay O., Rueil-Malmaison

“I wanted to have a panel that brings an artistic touch to my living room, which was sober and personalized at the same time. LouiseM knew how to meet my expectations by offering me a strong visual and in agreement with what I was looking for. I gave the complementary red and gray tones as well as words and drawings  related to hairstyle. The painting is at the entrance of the salon and is very successful with my clients love it !”

Fabienne J., Singapore

“Working on the painting for my husband’s 50th birthday was kind of fun. I first had to search in all the photos the significant ones . Then I had to do my homework and pick the things, persons, movies… that have paved his life so far to give LouiseM a good brief. Sharing with her some tips about what colours my husband likes, what style he is more into… After sending all the material to LouiseM, I let her create the painting. We had lots of talks she knew exactly what I wanted. Easy and smooth teamwork and the result is amazing!! “

Aurélie B., Lille

“I wanted a backsplash that would bring a touch of originality to my industrial interior, LouiseM did it! Very attentive, she quickly understood what could correspond to us and to our interior. So I trusted her totally and with only a few words that correspond to us and thanks to her wide imagination, she was able to make this “fresco” really special and surprising! “

Jean-Baptiste D., Saint-Cloud

“Thank you again LouiseM for this great personalized work. Our kitchen splashback adds sparkle to our kitchen and we are delighted. I recommend.”

Caroline B., Toulouse

“Thank you for your availability, your kindness thank you for your passion and your talent”

Arnaud R., Levallois

“Receiving a painting from LouiseM, commissioned by his wife, is like being in front of a kaleidoscope mirror. The observer is the subject of the painting. By discovering it, he seeks to appreciate it in a global way by looking at the light emitted by the sponsor, which is reflected on the artist’s mirrors. Receiving a painting by LouiseM means exposing yourself intimately to everyone’s view. Thank you LouiseM “.

Annette P., Auckland, NZ

“Good morning hello from New Zealand … I love my painting it was a fabulous surprise and is now hanging in my house here and makes me smile every day !!!!”