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What business context is most conducive to your work?

All contexts, from the moment there is a need to federate employees. It can be a context of rupture (merger of companies, repurchase of a brand, relocation of premises) or the time to celebrate an event (corporate anniversary, inauguration of the research center, retirement of a collaborator) or simply want to federate the teams, to give a boost!

Why a collective art piece?

It’s a collective work or not, it all depends on the need. I’m not painting in real time, it’s a project that takes time. The painting will be built little by little, that’s my strength. Everything has a sense in the visual and the work is durable over time. The artwork carries messages, it can be used to communicate (greeting card ..) and is easily declined in useful objects (agenda, candles) or decoration (trophies)

When it comes to making a collective artwork, how big are the test groups?

It is difficult to work with groups larger than 20 people. The creative process helps to free minds. We are so far from Cartesian patterns that we will easily express our feelings. For that, you have to be comfortable, in small committee, in confidence.

Do you do team building?

From the moment I federate the employees around a table, yes I do team building. It does not mean that I always work with groups of employees. In some projects, I had to build an artwork without leading working groups but by listening to collaborators during targeted interviews. You can go watch different films that tell about the construction of the artworks and you will see that each case is unique and approached in a completely different way.

Do you draw on live?

No, I don’t know how to do it. My approach is not at all that of the designer who will capture the present moments. We are not doing the same thing. I make a meaningful artwork and for there to be meaning, the work must be constructed over time, there must have been “maturation”, the treatment of the subject should be as objective as possible, there should have been many moments of sharing with different and varied contributors.