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Vos questions

When should backsplashes be installed?

As a general rule of thumb, backsplashes should be installed after your countertop is fixed up (especially in the case of granite and solid surfaces). The reason being that there’s a need to grout (where applicable), seal and caulk to really prevent water from seeping into any hairline cracks and causing mould growth.

Can I send pictures to personalise my panel?

Of course you can. our objective is to make a visual you ‘ll be fond of. Each of our visual is unique and done for a special customer. If you want to send us 10 pictures, about your last travel about your family, we will take them and add them to the visual. Then we will make a composition and make change to it under your control.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can go to my Black and White collection and see if it gives you some ideas.

Why a panel LouiseM?

We are not different in the choice of the material and the technic guarantees as we work for materials and print out with the suppliers of famous kitchen brands.

We are story painters. Our difference is in the visual handling. This is our priority and we will listen to you in order to understand exactly what you want and retranscribe it in the more objective way possible, with no re-interpretations unless you ask us. You will appropriate the process and the visual and be the author of your unique piece of Art.

What material should I choose?

Composite aluminium and tempered glass are both materials highly qualitative and resistant.

The choice may be either esthetic according to the look you want to give to the final interior or technic linked to material constraints.

For backsplashes located behind a gaz cooking, the choice of the tempered glass will be emphasised as this material can suffered very big temperature differences.
Also the tempered glass will allow transparency in case of inclusion of leds behind the decorative panel.

The Aluminium composite is very light and easy to transport. It can be cut very easily and can be adjust to the template on place while installing. This is not the case for the tempered glass which needs very precise cut measurements before the tempering process as it can’t be cut after that point.

How to clean my decorative panel / backsplash?

These 2 surfaces ( Aluminium composite and tempered glass) are easy to care for if you use the appropriate cleaning methods like wiping down with a soft sponge and warm water or a non-acidic wash

How long does a project take?

After we agree on the visual (this step takes 1 day for a simple work to several weeks) the delivery lead-time will take 2 weeks for Aluminium composite and 4 weeks for tempered glass.

Can I install my backsplash by my own?

It’s much easier with the composite Aluminium as it is a light and easy tu cut material. I won’t say the same for the tempered glass unless you have no plug spot and we are talking of a small surface.

How can I order?

Either you come via a professional like a kitchen designer or an interior architect who certainly already knows us and will advise you on our collection.

Either you you contact us via whatsapp or e-mail and we will be very happy to answer your questions and help you concretize your order.