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Practical infos

What to select between Aluminium Composite and Tempered Glass?

These two materials are highly qualitative and resistant.

The choice may be either esthetic according to the look you want to give to the final interior or technic linked to material constraints.

For backsplashes located behind a gaz cooking, the choice of the tempered glass will be emphasised as this material can suffered very big temperature differences.
Also the tempered glass will allow transparency in case of inclusion of leds behind the decorative panel.

The Aluminium composite is very light and easy to transport. It can be cut very easily and can be adjust to the template on place while installing. This is not the case for the tempered glass which needs very precise cut measurements before the tempering process as it can’t be cut after that point.


We are very vigilant in choosing our suppliers in order they match our esthetic and technic chart.
We lead projects together for many years now and we keep working with customer oriented common values

Packing and Shipment

The products are packaged and shipped by professionals.
The packing are specific. For aluminium composite, very sharp material, special protections are added in the angles.

The shipment is personalized for each customer.
The tempered glass is packed and shipped in customized wooden boxes

Once you make the order we will give you all the information about the shipment.

Delivery lead-time

As soon as we agree on the visual to be printed and that we received your validation by e-mail, we have a time period of 2 weeks for the Composite aluminium to receive your order and of 4 weeks for the tempered glass.

Cut and installation

Decorative panels can be easily installed on a large kind of support. (tiles, (carrelage, brick wall, plaster…).

The Aluminium composite can be cut as a plank of wood using a jigsaw avec la scie sauteuse or a hole saw (for plug slots) for last minute adjustments.
The tempered glass can’t be cut after tempering process.

Two installation methods are preconized:

Either the gluing with special silicone glue (used for works and available in any hardware store)
For the tempered glass a mirror glue will be used.

Check that the surface is clean for a better surface sticking

Either the screwing.
In these special cases, the order will be made with the mention “drilling”

For backsplashes laid on a counter top, a velcro scotch (painting hook) can also be a solution to set the panel. In that case and mainly behind a sink, a silicone seal is welcome on the bottom section to protect against humidity


These 2 materials are easy to clean with classic glass cleaner products with a kitchen towel. Don’t use agressive products like steel wool or acetone-based products