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Jusqu'à 2Mo

Imagine all you can do!

Embark on an adventure with LouiseM... A lightweight adventure that allows for you to leave your baggage behind.A trip that entails only a recitation of your life’s most cherished and poignant moments.
On this journey, LouiseM artistically arranges all itinerary, touch by touch, reaching after several weeks your enchanted destination : the place where your memories color your story, a visual emotion and your life on a canvas, a painting ... your painting.

Gift for mother's day
Children words on cartoons - 50x40cm
Family trip to Cambodia
Story of a colourful adventure - 120x80cm
Danielle 70
Story of a life that flies - 210x150cm
"Let your inspiration create emotion with
a totally personalized piece of artwork."
Vous et vos proches, votre famille, vos amis, amis d'amis...
You have the possibility to create a unique "handmade" painting to which will provoke emotion in various occasions ... Birthday, wedding, farewell gift, house-warming party, thank you gift, ... No limit to it !
You and your job, your colleagues, your customers and your partners
Here again, you can offer a personalized painting to mark a special occasion ... It's up to you to define the spirit and the message!

Your work on canvas step by step

Which format?

All sizes are possible, from small (40x50cm) to large (200x150cm), in square, portrait or landscape versions. The size of your painting will be defined according to its location and the multiplicity of ideas and elements that you wish to integrate.

Handmade or digital?

Two techniques of illustration are available, one oriented exclusively towards drawing and painting, the second one integrates a digital dimension with the photo.

How to customize?

Your painting will tell a story, so we need above a dialogue with you and active listening to understand, structure and colour. Depending on the occasion and your expectations, you will be able to communicate your photos, words, places, special moments. Then we will encapsulate a slice of life and capture a memory on a painting.