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Vos questions

Do you make common gift?

Of course, this is often what I am asked for as gifts for farewell, birthday, birth, marriage … Two ways of proceeding: Either I have a privileged interlocutor who will centralize all the information of the group and we will create the pitch together. Either I take all the interlocutors in live via a WhatsApp group or a private facebook group and everyone brings personal information. In this second case, I need to start the painting with a specific person; I will create the group once the painting is already well advanced and it only remains to complete it with images of each one.

Do you create only on canvas?

The majority of the paintings are created on canvas stretched on a frame. We also use very frequently and especially for large sizes, aluminum composite boards. This very qualitative material gives a very modern finish to the visual. It is light, keep the right colors and is durable with an anti-UV varnish. We work with other materials such as tempered glass or vinyl for very specific decorative applications, kitchen backsplashes, wall panels. You will find all the information you want on these materials in the decor section.

What is the price for an Art-piece ?

The price will vary according to 3 criteria: the format, the degree of personalization and the method used by LouiseM to transcribe your story. LouiseM will give you a quote after a short discussion with you. To give you an idea, the average price is 1000 € and it varies between 500 € and 3000 €

What is your style ?

There is not one style. Each artwork is unique and created according to the customer’s request and the aspects he/she wants to give to his/her interior.
My paintings can be very colorful in a style that I call “Bubble gum” . I can also hone in a particular color. I love to work with black and white shades in a more graphic style especially to draw cities and their unwavering industrial environment.

You can find the whole collection on my web site and examples of achievements on my insta louisem_artiste.

One of the first questions I ask the client is: “Which of your paintings are the ones you like and also the one you don’t?” His response is quick since he usually called me because he saw a painting he likes and it is for this reason that he came to me. This will help me a lot to know which style I begin with.

How long does it take for a painting?

This will depend on the time required to collect all the personal information that will be used to create the Artwork. Then LouiseM will imagine how to put them on the canvas and will make a sketch. Once this sketch is validated, it takes a maximum of 15 days to have the painting in its final form.

What are the different steps in a project?

First of all, it is important to know the final destination of your painting and its purpose. This will help define its size, and also the desired design depending on your tastes and the decoration of your interior .
Then, through conversations, I will uncover specific topics you want to underline. If you want the panel to convey a story about your family’s travels in Asia, for example, I will ask you questions about this vacation and we will create, as a team, a meaningful artwork.

My main objective is for you to embrace and love the final painting as you find yourself in it.