How to give character to your establishment with personalized decoration by a painter?

How to give character to your establishment with personalized decoration by a painter?

Creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere .

It is an essential step in the arrangement of any professional space. Whether it is a store, the reception hall of a hotel, or the catering area of ​​a company, the objective remains the same: to provide those who frequent it with a feeling of good -be.

We spend a large part of our time at our workplace. Working in a pleasant and inspiring work space necessarily has a stimulating effect and encourages us to give the best of ourselves. In the same way, a customer who enters a store in which he feels good will tend to spend more time there, thus increasing the chances of triggering a purchase...

Give personality to the place

Nothing is more natural than to personalize these spaces to make them unique places, imbued with personality... Have you imagined what the beneficial effects of interior decoration reflecting the image of your company would be? a decoration that conveys the values ​​of your brand and allows you to stand out from the competition?

What if you called on the services of an artist to create custom artistic decors?

Let's take the example of an office development project.

For this original creation, the artist allowed herself to be transported into a new universe... that of Feng Shui. The Longchamp Singapore teams wanted Feng Shui decor in their offices. This is obvious when we know that according to Feng Shui, harmonizing environmental energy promotes the well-being of employees. Accompanied by a Feng Shui master, LouiseM redesigned the shapes and colors of the main Longchamp Paris boutique, located on rue Saint Honoré and the brand's emblematic location, according to the principles of Feng Shui.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Cécile from the LouiseM workshop as part of a Feng Shui project in our Longchamp offices in Singapore. Cécile is a talented artist and adapts with natural, professional and instinctive ease to the needs of the projects she undertakes. I highly recommend her to any company that wants to add an artistic touch to its workplace. » Mollie Jean de Dieu, General Manager, Longchamp Singapore & Malaysia.

A visual to embody a brand

Another project, just as exciting, is the collaboration between LouiseM and Palem. Because the ready-to-wear brand Palem is an invitation to travel, this fresco had to be in unison. The decor , 5 meters wide by 3 meters high , was entirely designed handmade and worked at the tip 0.2 mm. The multitude of graphic details, colors and gradients make this creation unique and magnificent . The vegetation there is feminine , delicate and soothing .


“I am pleased to present to you my collaboration with the pretty women's ready-to-wear brand Palem. Our collaboration is above all a meeting between two accessible companies, attentive to their customers. I worked alongside them on the personalized decoration of their various stores. The Singapore boutiques initially, then recently, the Dubai boutique. We wanted the same atmosphere that reflects the brand's DNA, an Endless Summer atmosphere to take each customer on a journey! My work consisted of immersing myself in the world of the brand, immersing myself in the beautiful history of Palem, the origin of the name, the motivations of the founders... Little by little, throughout my explorations and our discussions, the decor comes alive, the colors are revealed and the curves take shape. This visual was designed exclusively for them, in their image. Nothing extravagant, a naturally PALEM decor.

The result lived up to our common expectations and the journey has only just begun: here we are today embarking together on other great collaborative adventures!" LouiseM

Listening, the key to personalization .

Like these two examples, each creation is the result of attentive listening and meticulous work. Each project begins with an exchange with LouiseM, so that the artist immerses herself in the style and history of the client, so that she understands what emotions and atmosphere the latter wishes to convey. Then comes the creation phase during which she transcribes into words and images all the elements previously collected. Every detail is important: the choice of tones, the location of graphic elements, their size... Nothing is left to chance. A first draft is then proposed, a working basis which will give rise to new exchanges. It is then that a scenario can be proposed, in order to allow the client to better plan. Based on an existing photo, or a 3D projection when the layout is still in the planning stage, the visual is integrated into its future environment. The necessary adjustments are then made to ensure optimal results.

Whatever the occasion, choose a tailor-made decor

The creation of a personalized decor can take place in different contexts. It can be something permanent, which is intended to last over time: a fresco which traces the history of the company, which presents its values ​​and the professions which characterize it, which refers to the environment in which it evolves...

It can also accompany a particular event: a company anniversary, a takeover or merger, a change of logo, international development, a move, the opening of a store, greetings... Occasions do not miss.

The main advantage when working in collaboration with an artist on a customization project is the absence of constraints. The visual created can be adapted and reused endlessly. Thus, a fresco printed on wallpaper and placed on one of the walls of the company will be reworked in a different format and can be placed on a series of cushions, a series of paintings or greeting cards. From one year to the next, new elements can be integrated and replace others, in order to stick as closely as possible to the company's news: a contract just signed, a new point of sale, etc.

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