Behind the scenes of the artist: the stages of the creative process

Behind the scenes of the artist: the stages of the creative process

The process of creating art often begins with a source of inspiration that awakens the senses and stimulates the artist's imagination. LouiseM had the chance to travel to Asia, a region rich in culture, traditions and natural beauty. Three countries in particular captivated his mind: Laos, Cambodia and Japan.

The Creative Process

The inspiration gathered during his travels is the starting point of the creative process. It begins with the collection of visual elements: photographs, objects purchased on site, souvenirs, etc.

Then our artist begins to think about how she can incorporate these elements into her artistic creations. She experiments with different techniques.

Creation and Experimentation

Artistic creation is a process often marked by experimentation. LouiseM can try different approaches, varying styles, textures and colors to find the best way to express her Asian impressions. Often, she imagines on which support the decor will be used to finalize the creation (painting, wallpaper, kitchen splashback).


After long hours of work, the creations take shape. The artistic visuals that emerge from this process reflect the essence of his travels in Asia. The colors, patterns, and textures evoke memories, emotions and moments experienced in each country. Some settings remain very close to the visual element that inspired them, others take much more abstract and distant forms.

The creative process of an artist is a journey in itself. In this case, trips to Asia were the starting point, the initial inspiration that gave birth to unique artistic creations. These artistic visuals remind us of the beauty of the world around us and the magic of artistic expression. Transposed into our interiors, they allow us to escape to the other side of the world...

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