Making the walls speak is an art!

Making the walls speak is an art!
Well executed, a painting is worth more than a long speech. Well-chosen words, explicit and coherent graphics, and the right message gets across.
Like the Dathena business project.
The group's plan was to set up its convivial space. More than making it pleasant and welcoming, the objective was to give it meaning.
After a phase of discussions to identify the issues and bring together the elements of language and graphic charter, time for reflection!
LouiseM has imagined twelve paintings to adorn the walls of this meeting place and passageway. Custom-created tables, each of which tells a story: presentation of the company's professions, employees' missions, meaning of the logo,
sharing the group's values ​​and vision... Enough to arouse the interest of customers and strengthen internal cohesion.
Thank you Dathena and Lazuli for this beautiful artistic collaboration that is both inspiring and rich in meaning!

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