Gift idea to celebrate a birthday

Gift idea to celebrate a birthday

Gift idea to celebrate a birthday

If you are looking for an original gift to celebrate a friend's birthday, here is a suggestion that will appeal to you. Opting for a personalized painting to celebrate the birthday is a unique creation that will mark this special occasion and awaken a range of emotions!

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A unique gift to celebrate a birthday

LouiseM will take care of creating a tailor-made work of art from the elements you provide. It's up to you to find the most personal ideas possible to surprise your friend when discovering the painting.
Together, we will discuss the style and artistic approach during our first consultation. The idea is to offer a painting as unique as the friend who will receive it!

Choose the style of your personalized table

When you work with LouiseM to create your painting, you will have the opportunity to choose the style that suits you. This painting will tell a story through an explosion of colors or with a more sober style, it's up to you to set the tone! Our first meeting will be an opportunity to guide you in this process. Will you opt for a pop art style, a vibrant three-color palette, or an elegant black and white composition?

Choose the format

Also determine the format and dimensions of your table. Do you prefer a square canvas, a landscape or portrait format? Maybe even a large painting or a diptych? Our tailor-made approach allows us to meet all your preferences. If you already have the location of your painting in mind, this will make it easier to choose the ideal format.

How to create your own personalized birthday board with LouiseM

Creating your personalized birthday board will be a collaborative experience. You will have the opportunity to make a list of elements you would like to see included in the work, whether words, images or photos. LouiseM will take care of incorporating these elements and will send you versions to validate gradually. You will be an active contributor to the creation of this unique work of art.

Why choose our personalized table service for a birthday party

LouiseM guarantees you an experience where your participation is at the heart of the creative process, a truly unique approach that will bring you total satisfaction. In addition, we save you the hassle of going to stores by delivering directly to your home or your friend's house. We also adapt our prices to all budgets.

Superior quality and exceptional customer service

Our products are of exceptional quality, made in France, and our customer service is dedicated and at your disposal to answer all your questions and requests.

Fast and easy delivery

Once the final version has been validated, we will print the work on the support of your choice, whether aluminum composite or artistic quality paper. Our deliveries extend across France and Europe, guaranteeing speed, simplicity and security.

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