When art meets perfume

When art meets perfume

A Unique Artistic and Olfactory Collaboration

It is with great pleasure that we unveil our new collaboration with Eco.French.Lab , a French house of personalized perfumes. Together, we have crafted a unique sensory experience, harmoniously combining visual art and fragrances.

A meeting, as if obvious...

We were meant to meet! Careers in large groups, environmental sensitivities and a desire to live from our respective passions: ambient fragrances for Pierrine and Anne-Marie, co-founders of EcoFrenchLab., painting and drawing for me, Cécile, founder of LouiseM .

Today, we imagine and compose tailor-made visual and olfactory creations to “dress” professional spaces by prioritizing the quality of artisanal work and the search for well-being.

LouiseM and EcoFrenchLab

The Concept: A Sensory Fusion

With Eco.French.Lab, we have united our talents to create a story where the olfactory and the visual come together to evoke deep emotions. Three artistic visuals were combined with room fragrances , giving life to a unique sensory experience.

Three Universes, A Thousand Sensations

In this quest for meaning and connection, we invite you to discover the three universes that we have imagined. Each visual - panoramic wallpaper or painting, accompanied by its coordinated scent, tells a unique sensory story. And each perfume is composed of essences that evoke the decor associated with it :

1. Plant Harmony : This fresco and this perfume were born from a dream. An escape into a tropical paradise where time stands still and the senses awaken. Each shade of color is an echo of the gentle warmth and golden light filtering through the palm fronds. On the perfume side, matcha tea, the powdery notes of almond, coconut and vanilla immerse us in the evocation of nature and Asia.
visual and fragrance plant harmony
2. Exotic Garden : This setting is a spontaneous dance, in an opulent forest where nature is queen , generous and majestic. The perfume is an evocation of these lush scents. You will find the richness of tuberose mixed with the woody notes of cedar to create an enveloping and energizing scent. Eucalyptus and citrus notes illustrate this breathing garden. The solar base notes evoke the warmth of the sun penetrating into it.
visual and exotic garden scent
3. Vintage Foliage : This fresco is a visual caress, a gentle murmur of nature. The links and branches overlap and tighten like a visual and olfactory embrace . The fragrance is a reinterpretation of a classic fougère accord from perfumery, carried by an accord of apple and mint softened by lavender. The woody base notes subtly enhanced by pine and violet illuminate the perfume.
visual and vintage foliage scent

A Diversity of Creations

Our creations, available in different forms, will adapt to your desires:

  • Panoramic artistic decors : Our iconic visuals are reproduced on high-quality wallpaper, allowing decoration enthusiasts to transform their interiors into havens of emotion. They are also available in the form of large format paintings, thus offering the possibility of owning an exceptional work of art, highlighting the quality of the graphic universe.
  • Home fragrances, candles and eau de parfum : The olfactory compositions made by Eco.French.Lab are available in room fragrances to create an enchanting atmosphere in any space through room sprays, candles or diffusers professional perfumes. They can also be offered in eau de parfum for a personal and intimate experience.

A Personalized and Tailored Experience

At Atelier LouiseM, we believe in the magic of personalized creation. In collaboration with Eco.French.Lab, we offer you the possibility of creating a space that suits you, where art and fragrance combine to awaken your senses and nourish your imagination. Beyond these three already existing universes, we offer you the possibility of imagining YOUR own universe: a 100% tailor-made visual and olfactory creation. Contact us for your personalized requests.

An Invitation to Emotion and Elegance

This unique collaboration, imbued with our shared passion for art and beauty, promises to redefine the standards of aesthetics and refinement. We are proud to invite you to join us on this sensory adventure, where every detail is a promise of wonder.

Immerse yourself in a universe where magic happens, where each fragrance tells a story, where each painting awakens an emotion. With LouiseM and EcoFrenchLab, let yourself be transported to new sensory horizons...

Perfume 100% of natural origin, 100% renewable

Ecological wallpaper made in France, solvent-free inks.

Paintings printed in France on aluminum composite.

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