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Plans de travail et crédences 2024

Février 2024

Tendances actuelles et offre cuisinistes LouiseM.

ODC - JANVIER-FEVRIER 2024 COUV.jpg__PID:c8f6401e-bf92-408c-969b-df5e4dd18247

Interior Design Meets Olfactory Excellence

Février  2024

LouiseM Artist Workshop and Eco.French.Lab Olfactory Marketing House join forces to create an unprecedented sensory experience.


Plans de travail et crédences 202 : quoi de neuf ?

Janvier 2022

le projet LouiseM mis à l'honneur dans le Dossier Crédences de l'Officiel des Cuisinistes 2022.


LouiseM creates art so personal, it embodies the soul

October 2020

LouiseM is renowned for her distinct ability to create personalised art that represents you.


Interview with Atelier LouiseM: 'Art That Looks Like You'

May 2020

French artist and founder of Atelier Louise M, Cecile Marche, talks about how listening to others helps her create personalized art.


Personalised art for the home

Avril 2020

You’ve probably spent quite a bit of time looking at those white walls in your home lately! If you’ve been wondering what artworks would look great on them or if you’re looking for a great farewell gift, here’s one idea.