Tableau jungle en triptyque
Tableau de jungle. Spectacle au couchant avec perroquet
Tableau de jungle avec le tigre au centre du décor
Tableau de jungle avec le Toucan qui observe
Tableau jungle en triptyque
Tableau de jungle. Spectacle au couchant avec perroquet
Tableau de jungle avec le tigre au centre du décor
Tableau de jungle avec le Toucan qui observe

Custom painting - Jungle Gold

  • Exclusive artistic works: Each work is an original creation by the artist LouiseM, offering unique artistic products which can be offered in different colors.
  • French quality and durability: Carefully selected materials, ensuring the durability and long-term satisfaction of our products. 100% French manufacturing.
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Bring a Tropical Touch to your Interior with “Jungle Gold”

Our “Jungle Gold” painting is the ideal centerpiece for those looking to add a natural and exotic ambiance to their interior design. Part of our collection of decorative paintings, "Jungle Gold" stands out for its warm colors and its predominance of yellow, evoking the shine of gold.

A Captivating Triptych on the Jungle Theme

This painting is part of a triptych, allowing for a harmonious and colorful display. In the center, a majestic tiger dominates the scene, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Our photo gallery includes examples of compositions to inspire you.

A Tribute to the Beauty of Tropical Nature

LouiseM, inspired by the diversity of the jungle, created a work reflecting this richness. “Jungle Or” offers a mix of varied vegetation, with majestic palm trees and climbing plants. Animals such as toucans, parrots and tigers add a touch of authenticity and life to the whole.

A Versatile Decoration for Any Space

“Jungle Gold” adapts perfectly to different spaces in the house. In a living room, it brings a touch of vitality, while in an entrance, it creates a warm and exotic welcome. In an office, it stimulates the imagination and in a child's bedroom, it becomes a fun space for exploration.

The Perfect Personalized Gift for All Occasions

Our paintings are original and customizable gifts, ideal for occasions such as births, birthdays, weddings, or to mark professional events.

Various Formats and Materials for Customized Adaptation

Available in various sizes (30 x 30 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 100 x 100 cm), our paintings are printed on aluminum composite or 300mg Fine Art paper. Each material was chosen for its aesthetic and durability qualities.

Advanced Printing Techniques and Free Shipping

We use cutting-edge digital printing techniques for a professional result. Prints are limited to 20 copies per visual, ensuring the exclusivity of each piece. Delivery is free in France with a delay of 9-11 working days.

Customize your “Jungle Gold” Experience

Following our unique concept of personalization, you can modify your table so that it perfectly reflects your preferences. Choose the size, format, and material according to your needs.

Contact us to Create your Personal Work

For any questions or requests for a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us via our form or at . “Jungle Or” awaits you to bring a touch of exoticism to your daily life.


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What are the shipping times?

Delivery times vary depending on the products. You will find all the information in each product description.

How to order ?

Simply select your items from the drop-down menu on the product page and click the button to add to cart, then follow the steps to complete your order. You will be informed by email when your order has been shipped.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as payments via Paypal.
For any payment with an Aurore, Maestro card and other debit card, it is necessary to make the payment via Paypal even if you do not have an account. To do this, select “Buy with Paypal” on the Shopping cart page. You can then choose “Pay by credit card or Visa debit card” on the next page. Then you enter your country (France), and in the card type, select your card.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the email address: if you have any questions!

Why buy from us ?

  • We are a small French workshop, we create tailor-made paintings and we work on “homemade” decors from drawings and paintings made by the artist LouiseM. Our essence lies in our diversity, our curiosity, our favorites and our creativity. Our approach is intended to be simple, unique and flexible.

  • We are a team of enthusiasts

  • We are the great specialists in personalization since it is our business and we have been practicing it for 15 years. All the products we present in the store are customizable, not only in terms of dimensions and colors. Everything is doable. Our added value is that we know how to listen to you, guide you and create a decor that suits you.

  • The particularity of the products that we offer here is that, above all, they are artistic products. Each pattern, each drawing was created and chosen by the artist LouiseM. These products are therefore unique and original and made for you.

  • In addition to artistic bias - LouiseM will only sell decors that she likes - the artist and her team have opted not to work with certain materials such as plexiglass (or acrylic glass) which does not age well over time, crushes colors and has micro-scratches. For all products, the materials have been carefully selected for their technical and artistic qualities (color conservation). In the case of printing on aluminum composite, the printing process provides complete satisfaction and the finish added at very high temperature to the printed support ensures the durability of the product over time.

  • The LouiseM teams also decided to do everything in France. Production is 100% made in France.

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